Worth The Weight!

In my first post of the year, I spoke about a personal training session that I was looking forward to doing to help me with strength training and toning, it subsequently got cancelled which was then the subject of another post. Well, I had my first session this week! I wasn’t breaking any rules being inside, no this was outside, socially distanced, lots of disinfectant and a whole lot of exercises with weights I’ve never done before.

Thursday evening was beautiful, warm and sunny, I finished work, got changed and headed out the door, filled with excited anticipation for the session ahead. It took me 20 mins to walk to the park where I was meeting my trainer and we got started as soon as I arrived.

My trainer went over some gym etiquette and explained that for now, I was to stay in the square in the middle of the grass. There was a 2m square all around me which neither of us were allowed in and on the other side of it, she was talking me through what to do. All the weights had been disinfected, so were clean. With each exercise I picked up weights to do what my trainer was demonstrating. At times it was difficult, as I couldn’t be maneuvered into the correct position if I was doing it wrong, instead she just had to describe what it was I had to change and demonstrate it.

It was great session, I learnt a lot, I enjoyed finding out what weights and exercises would tone and strengthen various parts of me. I’m looking forward to my next session and in the meantime I’m enjoying the ache of my muscles as I know the effort I put in was worth it!

As I said at the start of this post, I had been hoping to start this in January, so was it worth ‘weighting’ for? Yes, for me it was, I knew what I wanted to get out of it and this hadn’t changed, despite the six month wait! If I hadn’t loved the session, then it would be a different story and I wouldn’t go back.

Have you been in a similar situation? Is there something you’ve been waiting for that when it finally came along it was as great as you thought it would be? Or was it a big disappointment? Or did it just have no impact on you whatsoever? If we have to wait, do we build it up in our head to be something more than it is or will it be every bit of an amazing experience we think it will? There could be a third option – have we moved on?

When we do what we’ve been looking forward to and it all works out well, then we get on with it. When it has been built up and built up and we’ve an idea it will leave us feeling a certain way and it doesn’t, what’s the best way to deal with the let down? Were our expectations too high? Is there anything we could’ve done differently or thought differently?

We have to look within us to work out why it was not as expected and what was it, we were actually looking for? Maybe over time, as our expectations built so did our idea of what great would be. The goal posts moved, but as they moved ever so slowly over time, we didn’t notice, therefore, our expectations were not met, thus leading to disappointment.

What if you’ve moved on, what was for you six months ago, actually isn’t right for you now? So whilst you have great intentions and go into it with a happy heart, you realise quite quickly it isn’t right for you. The question is, are you someone who would keep going because you don’t want to let anyone down or would you recognise it and admit to yourself and/or others it no longer serves you?

As I’ve said in several posts previously, we grow and move on and it’s part of our nature. What works for us today, isn’t necessarily going to work for us in three months time let alone 3 years. So don’t be hard on yourself or try to fit things into your life because you wanted it at a certain point. You never know, it may come back around again and be something you wish to do in the future.

Remember, some things in life are never going to live up to our expectations and that’s ok, not everything will. The key is to delve inside you, to find out what it was or is you were searching for and if you are still looking for the same thing. What could you do instead that will give you what you want? Enjoy the experiences of the things that truly meet your expectations and more, and put the ones that don’t down to experience and move forward! Sometimes, it’s all about timing!

Have a great week, do something fun and look after you!

Love Emma xxx 😁

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