What’s Your Superpower?

We all have skills and talents, things we are great at or excel at. Skills can come naturally to us or we work hard to perfect them. Some of these skills may be used everyday in your job, whilst others may be part of your hobby or interest. You may class these skills as strengths – what comes to mind for you when you think about it? Are you a great listener? Are you amazing at playing the piano? Perhaps you’re a problem solver which fits in well with your job as a manager?

We’re all great at something and even if you can’t think of anything, I’m pretty sure your friends, colleagues or manager would have something positive to say about your skills. We should be proud of ourselves for what we achieve and what we bring to this world, whereas quite often we are too happy to put ourselves down and focus on the negative.

So flipping to the negatives, although please don’t class them as that, we tend to call them weaknesses. and that’s not any better. These are areas for development, if that’s what you want to do or looking to do as part of your job or in general. But if these are skills which we’ll never use or require in our chosen career or in life in general, then should they even be on the list in the first place? For example, at school there was always a subject we had to work extra hard at as it just made no sense to us or we just weren’t interested – if you haven’t needed it since you left school and it isn’t something you need now then don’t include it as a ‘weakness’ as its irrelevant.

Our strengths and weakness make us who we are, make us great at certain things and make us work harder at others. What if you could automatically see what strengths and weaknesses a person has? I’m not sure if you’ve seen the latest Jumanji movies, but when the characters are in the game if they hit their chest a list appears beside them of their strengths and weaknesses. This is extremely useful for them when navigating through Jumanji’s challenges, it enables them to choose the best person for the job! Now, I’m not saying your strengths should include ‘smouldering intensity’ or ‘weapons valet’ but we’re fantastic at so many things, the list would be huge if we included everything we could do and we all have some funny ones that’s for sure!

Imagine if, whilst walking down the street we came across a situation which needed a variety of skills and each individual who was in the area at the time had their list of skills up beside them. It would enable speed at finding the best person matched to help out in the situation!

Your CV or resume is the main place where we list our strengths and in interviews we often get asked about them as well as our weaknesses. Generally, daily, we don’t think about what our strong areas are or our less developed areas, we go about our day. We may make a conscious effort to improve our weak areas, particularly if it will help us in our work life. This may take time, practice and some hard work, but do what you can and know you are doing your best. What doesn’t come naturally to us, can be hard work and tiring, but if it’s something you wish to improve upon then keep going.

Going back to Jumanji, some of the weaknesses listed were things like cake or sand or venom, now these may be useful to know in a game, in life, maybe once in a blue moon would this be important. If we knew something was life threatening to us, we tend to avoid it. But it wouldn’t be something we would have to mention everyday to people.

We all have something we’d love to be great at, sometimes our role models have this skill in abundance, which is why they’re highly regarded by us. Who is your role model and what strengths would you like to exude more of that they posses? There is nothing stopping you from doing so, it may take time, hard work and practice.

It doesn’t matter what your strengths and weaknesses are, it makes no difference if you can ride a bike or are a physics genius, we’re all great at some things and less so at others. It’s what makes us unique individuals and all of you should be proud of what talents and skills you have. We use them differently and we use them to the best of our ability. Never think of yourself as being weak, you bring a heck of a lot to the table and that’s what’s important. So embrace your strengths and those weaknesses, if you were in a computer game, they will all come in handy at some point!

Have a great week, be kind and look after you!

Love Emma xx 😍

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Superpower?

  1. Another super read Emma , you do so well , love May .x

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    1. Thanks May! So kind of you to say! Hope you’re well x🌼


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