Who’s Arted?

Art. What’s your thoughts? What do you like to look at? Do you have pictures of people or scenes with beautiful colours hanging in your living space? Or are you more into photographs of friends and family being on your walls? Maybe you love to paint or draw and express yourself on canvas? We all, even if we are unsure, have an opinion on art.

During these tumultuous times people are taking up new and exciting hobbies or resurrecting past ones. Painting is a a great way to express your thoughts and feelings. There is a great variety of paints or pencils you can use, honestly I know nothing about art. But I do know that it can help people to relax, unwind and truly get lost in creativity. Many people are blessed with talent in this respect, my dad for one. I could look at the same scene or item he was painting and definitely not be able to recreate it! Whereas, he could make it sparkle, there is no way I would make it look like anything other than what a child had drawn! That’s my style, childlike and definitely not artlike!

When I was at school, possibly 14 or 15 in art class we had to paint a can, not a can itself but draw it out on paper and then paint it, I think mine was a Coke or Sprite can or something along those lines. All I remember is, it wasn’t great, but I did my best and when I started painting the art student came along to take a look at our work and help. Well, she was an art teaching student and therefore more talented than me, so I was more than willing for her view and help. She picked up my painting, which I just starting brushing, oooo wait, it was a Lilt can I was painting, Crikey that brought me back! Anyhoo, she picked up a paintbrush and whoosh, all over my can, she did her style of art. Afterwards, my friends said my face was a picture. My jaw dropped and my eyes were wide. I was in shock. The art student had defaced my painting.

To me art is neat and pretty, to others its chaotic and messy. Everyone sees it differently, it’s fair to say ‘one mans trash, is another mans treasure’. We all know art is subjective, this can fall into many aspects of our life. We express ourselves in the clothes we wear, the way we decorate our home, the way we have our hair, if we have piercings or tattoos. Art is in our daily lives, even if we are unaware of it.

So how do you express yourself? At the moment for me, it’s with my clothes, I love my leaf and flower prints, I love comfy. My hair is often the best way for me to express myself using colours, it is never permanent so I can change it as often as I like. Tattoos are not for me, I think I’m just too fickle for one, what I love one day, the next I will have moved onto something else. Whereas some of my friends have the most beautiful artwork tattooed on their arms.

Expression of ourselves is individual, you can’t express how anyone else feels as you will never truly know and equally no one can express how you feel. So what can you do to express yourself but feel you aren’t creative? Well, you are, you maybe haven’t found your outlet yet. We are all creative, so maybe you love to garden, or you draw, or do book folding, or you dance or sew or cook or bake cakes and decorate them with little flowers you hand made from icing. But what if you are none of that? Then that’s ok. You are who you are and embrace whatever creativity you have inside and go with it.

Going back to art, imagine you are alone in a room and you have a blank canvas in front of you. Surrounding you there are all the art materials you need to produce your masterpiece. You pick up the paint brush and begin. What is it you are creating? What colours are you using? Does red signify deep anger or does it convey hurt and pain. What about yellow? Is it bright and happy or is it more about life and being content – the sun is always in the sky so does it represent consistency?

Your blank canvas may be filling up now and your painting is starting to take shape. What did you draw? What were the colours you used? What mood were you in when you started? Maybe it’s not turned out as expected as you didn’t hold back. The moment took over and you were free flowing all the colours and shades of light and dark, you mind was putting itself on the canvas and your hand was guided by it. Your paintings don’t need to be anything other than something you love or enjoy or want to do. Does it matter that others don’t like it or don’t understand that it isn’t only a picture of a forest but represents your inner thoughts and feelings? As I said, art is subjective but it’s a wonderful way to express yourself.

Even if you are not the artistic type or like me can only draw stick figures or houses as we did as kids, who cares. Grab some paint – borrow your kids and just create your own masterpiece, your own vision or an outlet for your feelings and emotions. No one necessarily needs to see them, it can be your secret. But find an outlet for yourself. For me and many fellow bloggers, this is our outlet. This is our place to put our thoughts and ideas down.

Do your style of creativity, your way. Painting is just one way. Let me know what you do, it may inspire others.

May your creative juices flow this week and may the sun shine in your heart as you go through the week. Look after you.

Love Emma xx ๐Ÿ˜€๐ŸŒผ

4 thoughts on “Who’s Arted?

  1. Ah – I love this, Emma. Art is what makes the world beautiful… A couple of days ago I picked up some water colours and swooshed them around – and then while the paper was still wet, added some salt sprinkles (to then scratch off). It was beautiful and satisfying and… oh it’s just the best, isn’t it, to let yourself get messy!
    Love your story about your Lilt can. I think it must have been a ‘thing’, as I remember painting/drawing Coke cans for school art lessons. Happy arting! X

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    1. Thanks Eilidh. Your painting sounds amazing! What a great idea and I can well imagine the satisfaction you got from scratching the salt sprinkles off! I do love getting messy, it is fun!
      Haha isnโ€™t that funny you drew the coke cans too!! ๐Ÿ˜†

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  2. loved the title of this post ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Thank you, so kind of you to say! ๐ŸŒผ


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