Everything happens for a reason…..or does it?

Life just happens! Don’t you feel like that sometimes? You can be sitting on your sofa watching a movie and then BAM five years have past! We all want to lead an amazing life and remember each passing moment. Our time in this world should be awesome and your life should be what you want it to be.

But what happens throughout your life, whether for you or against you, may just be that. Maybe there is no ‘plan’ for us. We have good days and bad days and equally good luck and bad luck. Your path will never be straight as there will always be bumps and pot holes along the way. But for those paths that don’t work out, this gives you the opportunity to take control of the situation. After a while, whether minutes or months you set a new plan in motion and carve a new way!

Is this you creating your own destiny?

We all have those moments in our life when things feel like they are meant to be! Whether we are in the right place at the right time or have worked our butts off to get there. These junctures can make our day, we get excited, happy and pleased that our life is working out as we’d hoped! We continue on our adventure through life and move forward with every passing day, with a spring in our step. We live in our own personal bubble and enjoy what it brings us when everything is going as we expected.

But what happens when you hit that bump in the road, the curve ball has magically appeared and before you know it you need to redesign your life!

Quite often in these moments or in the reflection of them, months or years later, we say ‘well everything happens for a reason. If you hadn’t lost your job/missed that bus/left your partner then this opportunity would never have come up.’

We are always looking to make sense of what happened, which is what makes us human. We want to know what changed for us, what took the rug from underneath us. However, quite often these can be circumstances beyond our control. Maybe the ‘reason’ we lost our job was due to economic conditions or maybe you got caught stealing and know why you were let go! Once things have settled and we’re on a new and successful path then out comes the saying again ‘everything happens for a reason’.

We then go through it all ‘well if you hadn’t done X then you wouldn’t have done Y and you would never have been in successful situation Z! Everything happens for a reason’!

Ok, but does it? Does it really? Things happen every day that we don’t use that saying for, we only seem to say it when our life has had to make an incredible shift. We never use it when we drop our phone or lose our keys. No. The changes that have propelled us into our ‘new’ future have happened either because we made them happen out of necessity or we’re ready for them.

My favourite saying is ‘What’s for you won’t go by you’ and I wholeheartedly believe this. But I also think that you have to be ready for it. You can’t be lying in bed and expect to wake up and have your dream job or dream life. It doesn’t work like that, you need to at least have set the wheels in motion! Opportunities often feel like they are presented to us at the perfect time, surely the truth is you are ready for something new and have finally opened your eyes to what’s out there or what’s around you.

So whilst everything does happen for a reason, you are the reason. You made it happen – you may not have been the catalyst for the initial change, but what happened as a result of it! You worked hard, you put the time in, you made the decisions, you spotted the opportunity and took it.

I often think about the time when I was around 5-6 months in a job and an internal HR Administrator role came up. I went for it and I’m so grateful they took a chance on me but if I hadn’t applied, what would I be doing now? I wanted a job that challenged me and whilst the current role did, it wouldn’t have continued that way for long. HR was something I wanted to do, so to me it was the perfect opportunity. But whilst it was presented to me (and everyone else in the business) I could have equally ignored it. But the timing was right for me. The ‘reason’ was the timing.

Whilst I’m usually the one saying ‘everything happens for a reason’ or ‘what’s for you, won’t go by you’, the next time I do (and you can do this too) I’m going to look at what is happening and what people or myself have been doing (the ‘reason’) to get to that destination. I won’t stop saying the phrase but I will pay more attention to it. We ought to be proud and take ownership of how we have got to where we are, only you have the magic to make it happen and be the ‘reason’.

Have a lovely week, look after you and take care.

Love Emma xx 😉

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