Flat Pack Fun or Fallout?

My husband Scott, ordered a new desk for his home office this week, it arrived quickly and the weekend plan was to build it. So that is what we did!

Flat pack furniture, oh the fun you can have with it! The desk top was huge, heavy and required both of us to lift, drag and push it up the stairs, but we made it. I unpacked the desk, whilst Scott put the wheels and handles on the drawers he bought. I set out all the pieces and we got started. It was fairly straightforward, apart from one step which I accidentally missed, so we had to unscrew and remove the back part of the desk, do the missed step and then redo, but we got there. It didn’t take as long as we first thought! And surprisingly we didn’t fall out! The desk was built, the room put back together and I had one happy husband!

Flat pack furniture is designed to make it easier to ship and has the premise that anyone can make it as long as you follow the included instructions! Of course, you have to hope the instructions are good enough to understand in the first place!

Life doesn’t come with instructions. We can’t say if you do point 1 then point 2 will clearly follow on. Nah, not in this world, in this universe. No set of clearly defined steps can help us map out our life. However, it doesn’t mean to say you can’t plan for a couple of scenarios!

Anyway, getting back to our flat pack fun! What lessons can we take from making up furniture? What should we be prepared for when we set out to build something like a desk or garden furniture? Is it best to go it alone or be a team? See below for some advice when building with others:

  1. First thing you need to do – if you’re building alone, then make sure you are all set to go and have everything you need. If you are in a flat pack partnership then decide who is going to read the instructions and give directions. It may be helpful if you both look at them to begin with but ONE person should be the dedicated flat pack boss!
  2. Relationships can be tested. Agree at the start, any niggles or frustrations or lack of patience that occur whilst building your wonderful new item, are caused by the instructions (or lack of them) and it’s not worth falling out over. At the end of the day…it’s just a piece of furniture! However, some people need to realise they are not team players and should therefore never engage in building any furniture with anyone. If you’re not a person who takes direction well and doesn’t like to be told what to do. Then build your own furniture and don’t subject others to your tantrums!
  3. Things get heated and you really want to throw a screwdriver at the person reading the instructions. Ok…..well….remember it is likely the person reading them is having as much fun deciphering them as you are. Best way to deal with this, walk away, get a drink (not alcohol) and breathe! Go outside, grab a five minute break and just let your frustrations go.
  4. Laugh! Try not to take it so seriously! Have fun with it and when frustrations build make a joke and laugh.
  5. Make a plan for afterwards. What fun thing can you look forward to once your furniture is looking pretty and all set to be what it said on the box! Maybe you get a takeaway or go to the beach for a lovely walk.
  6. Let it go. You’ve all heard the saying ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’! Well apply this to the flat pack fun! Once it’s all finished, if fall outs were had or mean things said, let it go. Kiss and make up otherwise that piece of furniture will always be a negative addition to your life and relationship!
  7. Know when it’s time to give up. Sometimes, a leg will be wonky or a screw just won’t catch. Try several times, but it’s not worth struggling through. if it’s sturdy enough and doesn’t affect the overall point of the furniture then leave it. We got some garden chairs in May and one went together well, whereas the second one I couldn’t get one screw to reach or catch, in the end I decided it held my weight, it wasn’t wobbling so would be fine. I’m just waiting for the day that myself or Scott, sits on it and it falls apart!
  8. Enjoy your furniture. After all you spent money on it and wanted it in the first place! Hopefully you will have many happy years with it.
  9. If you are not a DIY person, and can’t easily follow instructions, then get someone else to do it for you, you may need to pay them, but if it takes the hassle off you then do it. Know your limits!
  10. Before you buy any flat pack furniture, ask yourself this ‘Could I get a similar thing already made up and delivered for a little bit more money?’ Sometimes, it’s worth paying a wee bit extra to save you pain!

Next time you crack open your tool box and set to work on a flat pack adventure, have a think about the above points, try to make it as fun as possible, don’t let it stress you and others out. It isn’t worth it!

Wishing you all a tremendous week!

Take care, be kind and look after you!

Love Emma xxxx ๐Ÿ˜‰

4 thoughts on “Flat Pack Fun or Fallout?

  1. Hahaha, I can relate a lot. I never thought that putting a fan up would be such an adventure. It’s really important to keep things lighthearted ๐Ÿ™‚ xx

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    1. Definitely, if you can laugh it makes it easier to get through it!! ๐Ÿ˜†

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  2. Well done in making up the flat pack and nae spare bits ! Am nae rows !top marks . Love May .

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    1. Thank you May. I know Iโ€™m impressed we managed! I hope youโ€™re doing fine & keeping out of mischief ๐Ÿ˜‰xx


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