Character Building

We all have a favourite tv show, movies or genre we like to watch, such as medical dramas or thrillers or reality shows. There are so many to choose from, some may only last a few episodes whilst others can go on for years. When we find one we love and get stuck into it, we often find a character or two we can relate to and invest in. It gives us a moment to escape reality and focus on the lives of other people, fictional or not.

I’ve noticed I can get so invested in the characters that they become an extension of real life. You wonder what the next episodes will bring and what will happen to them. When I watch a movie, I can be so absorbed into the characters lives that I find myself getting stressed out with them as they face a high pressure moment which could mean their survival or not! That is truly the sign of a great movie, particularly if it leaves you wanting more.

The time we invest in characters is pure escapism, we leave this world behind and move into theirs. But instead of leaving this world behind, could you take a moment and look at you and what your life has. Are you missing something or looking for it to go in a different direction? If you are at a crossroads in your life, then why not pretend your watching a tv show or movie, what would the lead character do next? What would they do to help them move forward and find their next move?

You shouldn’t compare yourself to anyone as no two people are the same and that definitely applies to characters in a movie/tv show or book as they are not real!!. Ask yourself what it is you love about them, what trait, skill or ability do they have that you want? Is it something useful and would help you in your life, or is it just superficial? Or maybe it just isn’t real e.g superpowers!

I remember years ago someone I know wanted to be like a ‘character’ from Geordie Shore, I never watched the programme but I knew what it was – a reality ish show. I couldn’t see why this person on the show would be a role model in any way. But my friend told me more about them and I realised it wasn’t the person my friend wanted to be but instead it was to have her confidence and strength, She wanted to emulate her traits as she was lacking in that area.

Whilst we watch these shows and dramas unfold we can get so heavily involved in fictional lives that we forget to focus on our own. We push us down and pull up the lives of others. But take a moment to look at you. Is there something your missing or need that these characters have? Maybe they are strong and confident and you aren’t. What would give you confidence? What would make you strong? Or are they spontaneous and you find yourself planning to the nth degree?

We put our heart and soul into characters, so put your heart and soul into you. Are you hiding away not wanting to look in the mirror to avoid thinking about something you truly wish you had or could be? If you are then please just take a moment to consider that your characters have been written, they do, say and act like they are told. You can do this. You can write yourself a part of being that confident and practice a little every day at work or with friends until you feel it becoming part of you and your ‘character’.

We all love watching our favourite characters, but don’t get in so deep you start to mix reality and fiction. You don’t want a fake life. These characters always have a flaw which could be their main driving force. By all means pick the traits you like and want, but be yourself at the end of the day. People like you for being you, not for being an actor.

By investing time in ourselves to understand what it is we want in our lives. We can learn, grow and understand what it is we need. Practice and practice ’till you exhibit the trait you wanted – hopefully a positive one – and make sure you are always at the heart of everything you do!

Have a great week, invest time in being the person you want to be. Look after you!

Love Emma xx 😃

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