Welly Excited

My friend and I went for a walk, along with her two boys last Saturday. It was an absolute soaking wet day and there was no getting away from it! It rained non stop all day! It was a day to stay indoors really! But because the rules here mean we are unable to meet inside each other’s houses and the date had been in the diary for over a month, neither of us wanted to cancel. So a rainy day walk was on! It was time to pull out all the wet weather gear we had to make sure we’d be suitably dressed for the occasion. I got my waterproof jacket, found a pair of waterproof trousers and most importantly I pulled on my welly boots (or gum boots depending where you are in the world).

Nothing unusual or amazing about that you may think. But for me, when I put all that on, I felt like a child again. The excited feeling as a kid of wearing welly boots, knowing that something fun and exciting was going to happen like playing in the rain or snow and having an outdoor adventure. Welly boots were always put on for something fun as a kid. I loved playing in puddles or mud or building a snowman with a big smile.

Scott laughed at me the more excited I was getting whilst getting ready, he said ‘you’re more excited to be wearing welly boots than the boys will be!’ True enough, upon arrival at the car park we got out of our cars and got ourselves organised, the boys put there welly boots on and I could tell at this point I was more excited than the boys!

The woodland walk began and the rain continued! But our wellies kept our feet dry and warm. I couldn’t help but splash in the puddles and be a child again alongside the actual children! It was great fun and although we expected a long walk, we were surprised when we got to the top quicker than we thought. I guess we hadn’t factored in driving up a steep hill to get to the car park in the first place!

We did have a great time and the weather made it an adventure for sure, we saw a deer and a worm which was exclaimed by one of the boys so excitedly! We were lucky! Being a child you look for the joy in everything! We completed our walk and I was a bit sad to take my wellies off, but they had done their job and I had a great day!

The next day, Scott and I were going for a walk and given that it had rained so much the previous day and night and the ground in various points would be muddy I decided it would be sensible to wear my welly boots but Scott and I both knew it was because I really really wanted to wear them!

Scott could see I was super excited and when we went through the woods and came to some puddles, I excitedly jumped in them. My wellies are boring black ones but they make me so happy! I can’t believe how I feel when I put the boots on. Honestly, my excitement and happiness beam out of me! I feel my cheeks get sore from smiling so much. But they bring me so much joy. I hope this continues throughout my life, and I always feel this happy and childlike when the boots go on!

Excited to wear welly boots!

When was the last time you wore welly boots? How do they make you feel? Perhaps you have something else that makes you feel joy and happiness or like a child again? What is it you love that just makes you grin from ear to ear? Do you have happy memories tied to a certain piece of clothing or foot wear?

If there is something, like me and my welly boots, then try to wear the item more. Put your favourite dress on and feel great, or that hat that you love so much. Don’t wait for an appropriate occasion to do so. I’m excited that we are in Autumn, and Winter isn’t too far away as I will definitely be wearing my boots more!

After another wet week and a few walks with Scott planned for the weekend, my wellies will be coming out to play again! I don’t care that I’m 40 years old and go all child like when I put them on. It’s a wonderful reminder to live in the moment, finding the joy from puddles or mud whilst the world continues to whizz on by. So grab your wellies and get out there and splash away!

Thank you for reading, have a wonderful week and look after you.

Love Emma xx 😍

2 thoughts on “Welly Excited

  1. Hello Emma , Never mind the wellies , like the jacket ! My great granddaughter adores her pull on wellies she is 4 yr her wee brother does not like his but adores hers Think it’s the red and the handles . Keep being happy , another good read . Love May x

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    1. Hi May! Thanks 😊 aww that’s lovely, that’s so adorable! Ooo one with handles sounds great! 😃 thanks May xxx


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