Dear Santa…

It’s that time of year, when you start to get your sleigh all packed up with children’s toys for delivery around the world. I’m still not sure how you do it all in one night, but I guess that’s the magic of Christmas!

I hope your reindeer are all set for their flight and I’m sure they have been munching away on lots of food to build them up for this years journey. At least the kids will all leave you a mince pie or some cookies and some whisky to drink or maybe a beer. I did always wonder, why we just left one carrot, when you have 9 reindeer, I guess we all feel sorry for Rudolph as he is the one with the bright red nose that helps to guide your sleigh….it can’t be easy for him, but I apologise that I only left out 1 carrot. But you did enjoy your whisky, I remember that!

I wonder what you do to relax after that one night of deliveries? You’re probably so tired that you just go to bed and sleep for a week. It must take a lot out of you that journey, you certainly cover a lot of miles, do you get airmiles? If you did, maybe you should book yourself a lovely relaxing holiday in the sun, lie by the beach and read a book, but not the book containing all the naughty and nice children’s names, I mean like a proper novel, one you can lose yourself in and be transported magically into another world and see life through their eyes.

Do you do any form of exercise to prepare for your big night? You must have great upper body strength to carry so much and to magically go down a chimney, I bet your abs are strong! How do you ensure you stay awake? Is adrenaline driving you a lot of the time…you are under a considerable amount of pressure to deliver so much in one night – if that was me, adrenaline would certainly be getting me through it and then afterwards that crash come down would make me sleep for a week!

Is there anything you don’t like on your yearly outing? I mean, things like going down chimneys can’t be too comfortable, I guess you aren’t claustrophobic! Do you ever get anxious that you won’t make it round all the houses? Have you ever missed any or got muddled up with what gift goes where?

I know you have the elves and Mrs Claus but how do you cope when the sunlight disappears in October and doesn’t reappear again until March? That has to be really tough. Do you struggle at all with anxiety, depression or loneliness during these times? I mean, I know you may be used to it, but it’s a long time in the dark, yes I know you have electricity and lights, but stepping outside in daylight and just looking around and seeing the landscape, even if it is baron would be something. I hope you have invested in a SAD lamp as that will help.

Just a thought, but do you work for those 6 months? Maybe you and the elves get things ready for Christmas when it’s dark, to keep busy and occupied, you plan, manufacture, and assemble all the toys? As long as you ensure to take a days rest at some point during the week – we all need time to recharge, relax and refresh. Do you take the whole spring and summer off and get outside and feel the sun on your face, when it starts to reappear. Do you walk barefoot on the snow? You must be noticing a huge difference due to climate change, compared to a hundred years ago!

What makes you sad and how do you ensure you stay mentally fit? This year has been tough for everyone, how has it affected you both personally and professionally? Do you watch sad movies to help get your tears out, I know this can help me, as sometimes we all just need a good cry. No shame in this. I know you’re a leader and have a great team working for you, but I’m sure they appreciate seeing the real you, not afraid to show emotion. It must be tough always being perceived as the jolly, smiling, spreading cheer man when sometimes you need to be on your own and not be so jolly. Please don’t be afraid to talk to someone if it all gets a bit much, I imagine Mrs Claus will be a great support to you. I’m here if you ever need an ear!

Please do look after yourself Santa, we all want to ensure you are doing all you can to stay safe and avoid the virus, I know this is tough for you, given all the places you go, maybe we should each leave some hand sanitiser out for you so you can use it each time you enter someones home and oh please do wear a mask as well, incase you happen to come across any children sneaking a peak at you!

Take care and all the best for your night of deliveries, we’ll all be wishing you well on your epic journey.

Take care everyone, look after you and Merry Christmas!

Sending Love to all, Emma xxx 😍

PS. All I want for Christmas this year Santa, is for everyone to be safe, look after their mental health and be kind to themselves.

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