Perfect Imperfection

As I walk from our bedroom down the stairs, I notice lots of small, different sized marks on the wall. Many of which are from carrying furniture up or down the stairs, where we’ve bashed them off the wall, causing it to leave a mark. Look in any of our rooms and you will see wear and tear marks, as I’m sure is the case in most households.

Whilst many are small and vaguely noticeable, some are quite apparent and with a smile and a memory, we paint over them, or fill in the hole if we’ve dented the plaster work. We cover over the marks and leave a fresh coat of paint until the next set of marks appear.

Find something in your house or attic that you have had since you were a child or has been in your family for numerous generations, the chances are it will not be in perfect condition, along the way, over the years, it will have taken some knocks, bashes, dents and will likely have it’s own story if it could talk. But you love it all the same, those knocks add to it’s charm and beauty. Whilst an antique in mint condition could fetch you a fortune, yours isn’t perfect but instead can tell a story that is priceless. I mean who wants an antique that’s sat on the same dusty shelf for over 200 years! Boring!

Hands up if you’ve got scars on your body? I do, I have a few, I’ve got a few on my leg, one from climbing over a barbed wire fence when I was about 9 and one from falling down a hole in a doorway. Then I’ve got chicken pox scars from where i scratched too much as a kid, I’ve also got a few cat scratches which are now a silvery white scar. I’ve got a scar at the base of my pinky finger when I opened a door and it caught the catch and sliced it open! These are some of my visible imperfections, but to me they are part of my history, what my body looks like and I’ve a story to tell for each one.

You may have similar scars with similar stories. We may look at these as imperfections, and wish they weren’t there, but they are part of our journey, making us individual and unique. The scars you have will tell their own story, they have their own part to play in the history of you and the journey you’ve been on. It may be hard sometimes, to look at them if they bring up terrible memories of certain situations, but you got through it or are getting through it. It may have made you stronger, you are a survivor, you are moving forward and are healing. It’s part of your story. Don’t ever be afraid to tell it, show those scars and know you are healing, you are strong and by telling your story, it may help others who have gone through similar things.

Internal scars, the ones we carry around with us, whether linked to a visible scar or not, can bear a weight so heavy upon us, that they are far more harder to overcome or discuss. These can be hidden for only us to know about. If we never talk about it, then of course no one will know or understand our burden. Sometimes, these can be things we deem quite silly but they hang around us, appearing occasionally in our minds whilst others are so traumatic that too often we push them away and try to ignore them. However, this is never a good idea as they’ll always resurface. This is where talking about them will often help, whether to a friend or a trained counsellor/therapist. Getting help to face those scars with someone who can give you professional guidance and support in a non judgemental manner will help you to move forward, let go and whilst you’ll never forget, you’ll be able to manage your mental scars far better.

Whether you have scars that are visible or internal mental scars, these tell stories of who you are, what you’ve endured or overcome, where your strength comes from and whilst these certainly shouldn’t define who you are, they are a part of you and your story. Nobody is perfect, we all have imperfections, perfection is overrated.

Have a beautiful week as we cruise on down to the start of the new year.

Love Emma xxx 😊

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