Hands up if you love being an adult? Generally I think we all do, but if we could lose some of the responsibilities from time to time that would be ideal! We must pay our bills on time, and ensure we can afford our mortgage/rent and this can all take its toll. If you are bringing up a family this comes with it’s own demands and pressures! Quite frankly, adulting can be hard work!

Adulting basically means doing things that adults usually do and being responsible. It’s all the things you didn’t think about as a child as you raced towards being a grown up!

Being a child, I imagine many of us at times said ‘when I grow up I will….eat chocolate for breakfast or have ice cream for dinner’. Essentially be a grown up child! I was in a supermarket a few years ago in the sweets and chocolate aisle and a little boy was crying cos he wanted sweets and his mum was telling him he couldn’t have any, it was a shame and I really felt for him, but a lesson most kids learn. There was me, in the aisle buying anything I wanted and I thought, I am that grown up child now!

There are many games or toys we had as a child that we aren’t particularly good at, but as an adult we know now, we would be much better at, doing. However, the likelihood is, unless you are a parent, you will won’t come into contact with it again. Why? Why don’t we play those games anymore? Why are we judged if we just want to have some child like fun as adults?

Here’s an example….as we are now back in lockdown, there isn’t much to do, Scott and I have watched lots of TV and movies, we have reorganised rooms or wardrobes and tidied things out. Ideally we want to go and do some activities but obviously we can’t, so we thought it would be a great idea to buy some Nerf guns! They arrived yesterday and like kids, Scott and I spent some of the afternoon, running around the house shooting each other with the foam bullets, hiding in rooms to jump out and shoot. It was so much fun, we were knackered after a while as it was hard work! But a fantastic laugh! I can highly recommend it. Who cares that we don’t have kids to play these things with or if we should act our age! The point is, it was great fun and we laughed a lot!

Playing this as a child you don’r really have any rules, but we couldn’t let go of all our adult responsiblities! The rules were, no shooting in the face and watch out for Kitkat, Other than that it was fun all the way and a free for all! I don’t think Nerf guns were invented when we were both kids so we hadn’t really done this before, but I’d highly recommend it!

You may be thinking about something you really want to do but don’t think you should because of your age. Why not play hide and seek around your house or what about digging your old Scaletrics set out from the attic, build it back up and make those cars whizz round the track again and see who can win!

What about the rollerboots you once had? They’re always good fun! Go outside, whether in your garden or on a footpath enjoy the freedom they bring.

Adulting can get in the way sometimes, and we lose sight of having fun. Setting a good example to children is one thing but let go of your responsibilities for a few hours and run round your house with them!

Another great example I came across last week was whilst I was working last I tried calling an external person, they didn’t answer, so I left a message. It was nothing urgent. A few hours later my phone rang and he apologised for missing my call. It turns out the reason for it was he had been outside building a snowman with his girlfriend. How fantastic was that! I was utterly jealous as we had barely any snow. I loved that he took time out of his day to do it and no kids were in sight!

Working from home, can make you feel hemmed in and in need of some escape from the daily grind. With everything going on right now it’s too easy to get stuck in adulting. So every once in a while, do something that brings joy into your heart and makes you sparkle!

Have a great week and look after you!

Love Emma xx

2 thoughts on “Adulting?

  1. Oh how much fun the Nerf guns. I have never done this either and would have joined in if I could. As I live on my own which doesn’t bother me, a majority would have to be solo fun.
    I have enjoyed in the past, when I used to have my own garden, build a snowman. (I don’t have kids either.)
    I think its time me looking up that scalextric set and see how much they cost. I wanted one as a child. Or a remote control car. But the first option more ideal I think.

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    1. It is good fun! Building a snowman is just so great!
      Oh that’s a good idea and would be great fun! 🌼

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