Looking Ahead

When you’re outside, at work or even at home, where do you look when you walk? Do you look ahead or do you look down? Are you looking at what’s to come or are you keeping your head down to make sure you see exactly what’s in front of you? Do you confidently keep your head up or are you trying to hide and not be seen as you lack confidence?

Are you someone in life who looks ahead? Are you keen to focus on what’s coming your way or what’s next on the horizon? Do you see each step taking you closer to the future you want?

Looking ahead can give us something to steer towards. If we’re unsure as to where we want to go, we often keep pushing on anyway to move closer to that ‘something’ we hope will give us what we want. Maybe you work Monday to Friday and at the start of the week you’re already looking ahead to the weekend. You’ve made some plans (think of a time before COVID-19) and are on a countdown of what’s to come at the end of the week. Your only interest is the weekend, so as long as you get to it, anything else in between, the time will pass and you become one step closer.

I think we all do this at some point, whether it’s because we dislike our jobs, we are working on something quite dull or you feel that Monday to Friday gets in the way of weekend fun. I mean, why is the weekend only 2 days! Surely nowadays we should be moving to a 3 day weekend!

But what is it you miss when constantly looking ahead? What is it that you glide past? You often miss what’s right in front of you. You don’t see the opportunity that presents itself at work as you are too fixated on getting to 5pm on Friday and nothing is going to stand in your way. You miss being in the here and now as you don’t have time for it.

Looking down, looking at what you have right now, in front of you can be a real wake up moment. Think about today, what is it you are doing in the next few minutes or the next hour? Enjoy being in the here and now. Don’t think about Monday. Have your children been asking you to play a game but you’ve been too busy with work and told them to wait until the weekend and it’s now Sunday but you are too busy prepping for the week ahead. Drop what you are doing and go play with them, have some fun!

Another way to look at it is, what’s at your feet, if you have children or pets who are around you vying for your attention then spend time with them, the weekend may have passed but they want to play now. Looking down we notice what’s immediately in front of us and it also enables us to spot danger! If you’re walking and it’s a cold icy day, you can place each footstep carefully so you don’t slip and fall. If you’re in the house and going downstairs, you can spot your cat lying on the step and you don’t trip or stand on them (yes I’m talking about you Kitkat).

Maybe you are someone that looks down and considers what’s in the here and now. That’s great, being in the moment is something we all need to practice more. Maybe you are a planner and know the path you are on and this allows you to look down (and up) when you want. You are taking each day as it comes, enjoying them and knowing your future is in reach and will saviour each moment until you get to it.

Taking each hour and day as it comes and giving time to it, ensures you won’t miss anything important. You are not aimlessly going from weekend to weekend or the next holiday. If you’re finding every day a battle and you are not enjoying your days, can you change it? For example can you look for another job or take up a class to learn something new and fun? Looking down allows us to see what’s there and in our immediate path. Quite often we lose time by focusing solely on the future.

I should point out though, there are times in our lives when getting to the next weekend is the only focus, that’s ok, It’s a positive always having something fun to do at the weekend. Just don’t forget to have some fun during the week too. Bring some of the weekend to your week – call your friends, go out on your bike, take a class.

Looking ahead is great, but forgetting what’s down and in your immediate path can mean you miss out on a lot. I’m not saying stop holding your head high, continue to do it but don’t forget to look down at your feet and pay attention to what’s in front of you every so often.

Take care everyone, have a great week and look after you!

Love Emma xx

2 thoughts on “Looking Ahead

  1. So true. We do tend to live too much for the weekend and not in the present. 😀

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    1. Absolutely! We do, I’m consciously trying to be in the day I’m in and not on the next few….particularly on a Sunday! Thanks for reading 🌼

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