Smile You’re On Camera

Quite often we don’t like having our photo taken. We shy away from the camera (unless your me, who will smile as soon as I see one, or make a face!) We cringe at photos of us when our hair is flat/messy/not sitting perfectly and we are reluctant to allow people to view our passport photos!

Think of all the many, many photos you have, whether printed out in albums to flicking through your phone. There are bound to be some fun, crazy, lovely, beautiful, pictures of you. Out of all these snapshots, which one is your all time favourite? Is it from last year, last week or even 20 years ago? What were you doing at the time? Were you on holiday? Maybe you were getting married? Or just larking about and having a good time?

Now you are thinking of all those photos, why not go and dig some of the oldies out and look through that photo album!

One of my favourite photos is when I was 18 years old and on holiday with the girls. It was a great laugh and we didn’t have a care in the world. The photo as you can see below is of me dancing on the bench, having the time of my life at a barn dinner, entertainment night. I vaguely remember, but I do remember my friend kept falling over as we made our way to the bus home, she took me down with her. Me wearing 3 inch platform heels and already being tall, had a long long way to fall.

Apart from the lovely memories, what do I love about it? Well, I loved that sarong for a start, I think I wore it until it dyed (haha – see what I did there)! But it sums up my spirit – I love life, adventure and I certainly don’t take myself too seriously. Secondly, when I look at it, I really can’t help but smile! I feel happy, warm and yes, a little bit fuzzy at the carefree me!

Looking at photos should bring back a memory, hopefully a happy one, instantly taking us back to that moment. Looking at a photo of you that makes you feel sad and unhappy, isn’t great. We all know when people are trying to lose weight they suggest putting a ‘fat’ photo of yourself on the door of the fridge to try and discourage you from opening, equally a ‘thin’ photo works, as it shows you what you can be once again. Great, so essentially a household appliance is making us feel bad about ourselves!

Why not stick photos we love on our fridge. The photos as described above, where we are having the time of our life and they make us beam with happiness! We want to feel good each day. We’ve all put weight on since last year, lets forget that, be kind to us and look at photos where we are doing something fun, adventurous are wearing awesome clothes that we love and really really wish we still had (I loved that sarong, did I tell you!)

I challenge you to go and find three photos you love of yourself, they can be from anytime, even when you were a kid sitting eating an ice cream – if it makes you smile or bring back lovely memories, then use it.

Once you have your three, in turn, ask yourself:

  1. What is it you like about it?
  2. What does it say to you? (if you in the photo was speaking to you now, what are you telling yourself?)
  3. Where can I put this photo to make me smile and give me a boost when I need it!

Maybe you put the photo on your fridge, on your mirror so you see it when you are doing your hair/makeup/brushing your teeth! Or you stick it on your desk at work so when you are having a bad day, you can look at it and laugh.

If you find it difficult to pick photos of yourself, ask your partner or friend to do it for you and ask them why they like it. Then, when you look at it, you know someone else loves your photo and feel good about it.

I’m off to go and look at all my old photos, to laugh at my hair, clothes, me being silly, but ultimately to smile at the craziness of those moments.

Keep taking photos, be kind to yourself and look after you!

Love Emma xx

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