Are You Balanced?

When you think of balance what do you think of? Someone on a unicycle holding a heavy object whilst blindfolded? Or a waiter/ess holding 12 plates on their arms as they serve you dinner? Balance diet? Tree pose? Work/life balance?

From time to time we will likely all experience disharmony when a certain part of our life is either lacking or is too intense. Life Coaching can help you to regain the balance and one tool used is the Wheel of Life. It looks at 8 areas and asks you to rate them between 0 to 10, those that score lowest are areas for you to focus on. Let’s look at those areas and perhaps you will discover where an imbalance lies.

  1. Career – Do you enjoy your job? What do you like about it? What don’t you like? Do you start and finish on time? Are you putting in extra hours to finish a Project? Is working extra expected of you? Can this be changes? There will always be something we have to do that we don’t like, but is there something you could perhaps delegate to someone else or change/improve the way things are done? We often sit in disharmony because we feel we have to, rather than having conversation to help bring about change. Speak with your manager and discuss with them what is causing you problems or feelings of discontent. Come prepared with ideas of what can be done to improve your working day. Everyone wants the satisfaction of a job well done, if this isn’t the case then what can help you achieve this. It could be a simple thing, like starting a celebratory notebook of all the things you complete such a project or even research into something that has taken a while. This is a great way to see your successes no matter how big or small.
  2. Family & Friends – Do you have a lot? Are they supportive and loving? Do they wish the best for you? Or are they critical and expect so much more than you can give? Do you see them as often as you wish? If not, what can you do to help change this, could you plan in time every month or quarter to spend time with them. Perhaps a phone call/video chat would do too. Many people live far away from family, and it can be a challenge to see them, but every so often, do something for them that shows you are thinking of them, send a card, a wee gift, call them out of the blue. Or maybe you see them too often and you want your own space. If that’s the case then set boundaries, tell them days which you cannot do and you are busy. Perhaps you don’t have any friends and want to make some but don’t know how. Join local clubs or go to events and get chatting to people. Something simple as joining a book club can help you meet people.
  3. Partner – Do they make you happy? Do you love them? Are they supportive and caring? Is there balance in the relationship or does one person make the other feel less than? Relationships are all about compromising and listening to one another. All relationships have ups and downs, it’s about navigating through them together. Can you easily talk to your partner and discuss issues that are affecting you or your relationship? If you are afraid to bring a subject up, what is the reason for this? Is it they won’t listen or will react badly? You should feel comfortable to talk with your partner about anything, even if it is a difficult subject. Perhaps you are looking for a relationship and this is where your imbalnce lies, you want to share your life with someone. How do you want to meet someone? Online? In Person? Think about what you want and do what is right for you. There are so many apps and places to meet people, do what is comfortable for you.
  4. Money – do you have enough to live off of or are you in debt and struggling each month? Are you spending more than you earn? We are in such difficult times at the moment so if you need help with debt, reach out and get help. But go to reputable companies, speak with your bank you can advise you on debt management companies to use. It can feel overwhelming, but for your own peace of mind get help as soon as possible, they won’t judge you and can help to get you back on track over time.
  5. Hobbies – What interests do you have outside of work and at the weekends? What is it that you do to relax and have fun? It’s important to have down time and give yourself space to enjoy activities that take you away from the daily grind of 9-5. If you don’t do much, then what do you enjoy learning about or what would you love to try? Find clubs or activities near you and give them a go, you may be surprised by the outcome.
  6. Physical Environment – This is perhaps a little harder to control but do you like where you live? Do you prefer the city or the countryside? Is there anything that you can change to feel comfortable if you are perhaps not where you want to be for now? It maybe something you’ve never thought about. But if you are working in the city and craving greenery, what can you do today to help. Are there any walks that you can do nearby that can give you the countryside feel whilst in the city, such as walking through parks? Maybe it’s your flat or house you aren’t happy with. Can you plan to change this? Be generous with your timescale as moving can often take longer than planned.
  7. Health – Are you healthy? Are you doing all you can to look after your health? Do you have a balanced diet? How often do you exercise and what exercise do you do? What about your lifestyle choices ie. smoking, drinking? There are so many things to think about when it comes to our health. Is there an area where you feel out of balance and could improve upon?
  8. Self-Improvement – What do you like to learn? What do you think would be good for you? This could be work related but try to think of it out with that. Have you always wanted to cook better – could you enrol on a course? Learn a language – try Duolingo. What about that musical instrument that you have been interested in learning ever since you watch a tv programme on it? You can self-learn so much now with the help of YouTube and the internet. So many things are available online and are within touching distance, so what are you waiting for?

If you feel your life is out of balance, start by looking at these main areas, it may just help you to pinpoint where it is you need to focus on to regain a sense of harmony.

Have a lovely week and be kind to yourself.

Look after you, love Emma xxx

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