More Time

And just like that the time comes to put the clocks back an hour.

It’s always a bonus to get something extra. We all want a freebie or something more than what we bought or bargained for. When the time of year comes to put the clocks back an hour, we get 60 minutes more to do whatever we please.

Ok so the extra hour falls when we are asleep (most likely) and for the majority of us, this is what we do with the extra time, we sleep.

But should we be doing something more meaningful with the extra time? I know a person who always plans what to do with this extra hour. They get up earlier than the rest of their family and do whatever they wish. Sometimes it’s house related other times it’s personal like reading or writing a letter to a friend.

We could all use more time, so why do we squander or sleep through the extra one given to us? I know some countries don’t change clocks so this isn’t something you think about. But what would you do with an extra hour? What if you could spend time doing something fun, different, or getting to chores you never normally can? Why not gift yourself an hour a week to do whatever you want. It might be first thing in the morning or at lunchtime or in the evening when the kids have gone to bed or after dinner. Clear your schedule and tell those around you what your plans are and you want peace for that hour. Set a timer and then do your thing. Quality time doing something you want to, whether productive or relaxing will be of benefit to you.

Not sure what to do, here are some ideas:

  1. Photos – sort through your photos, delete those you don’t like, create a folder for all the ones you do like and want to print off and put in frames or give as gifts. Perhaps you have photos printed out from years ago and have yet to do anything with them. Use this time to date them and say who is in the photo, so in years to come you have a record of who is who. Maybe you just want to spend time being nostalgic and going through the photos to remind you of fond memories.
  2. Write a letter – to a friend you don’t see often or a relative or even yourself. Give an update on what you have been doing and why you decided to write to them. If you are writing to yourself, is it to give yourself a pep talk or to remind you of all the wonderful things in your life.
  3. Bake yourself a cake – make your favourite one and enjoy the process, then once all ready, cut yourself a generous slice and eat it. Savouring each mouthful.
  4. Create a vision board – cut up all magazine or print things from the internet such as positive words and affirmations. Create a journey on this board for yourself. Start with where you are now and where you want to end up. It could be a year from now or even 20 years from now. See where the pictures and words take you.
  5. Do an online course – ok so you might not complete it in an hour but make it something you do each week for an hour. Think of something you’ve always wanted to learn about and do it. There are many free courses online or you tube videos you can watch as well as purchasing a course. Go wild and pick a random subject. Enjoy.
  6. Take up a new hobby like origami or book folding – something you can do with little cost, pay attention to your heart rate and how it makes you feel. Did you find yourself calmer at the end of the hour?
  7. Start/finish a DIY project you’ve been putting off – like putting pictures up or a curtain pole. Perhaps you have a room to paint. Get stuck in. The hardest part can be starting a project, so jump right in.
  8. Go for a swim – whether it is at your local pool or in the sea. Grab your towel and go.
  9. Learn about the stars – look up, grab binoculars or a telescope if you have one or borrow one. Notice how beautiful the night sky is and the whole other worlds out there.
  10. Clear out a cupboard – take everything out and have a good look through. Only keep things you use and give the rest to charity or pass to someone else. Clearning clutter is a great way to help clear your mind.
  11. Visit a friend/relative/neighbour – pop round and say hello, get out and see them rather than having a call online. Meet them, hug them and chat.
  12. Snuggle with your furry friends – who doesn’t love to do this?
  13. Get a massage with soothing essential oils – find someone local who does evening appointments, then you can go straight home to bed and just drift off to sleep. Great for easing tension and relaxing your tired mind and body.
  14. Pamper yourself with a face mask and intense food moisturiser – then sit back and relax giving them time to do their thing. You could also do a hair treatment too. Then rinse off and have a nice relaxing bath.
  15. Start writing that book your always talking about – you don’t have to start at the beginning, you just need to start. Maybe your first hour is planning what the book is about.

The list is endless. There are so many things you can do with your time and if you dare to give yourself an extra hour a week to do something of your choosing then you never know what you may discover.

Have a lovely week and take care.

Look after you.

Love Emma xxx

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