Animal Magic

I’ve been away on holiday, enjoying the sun (although now back to the cold) and have had a few animal encounters along the way. Not that the animals have done anything out of the ordinary but more that observing them made me look at humans and how we act.

Bark, Bark, Bark went the dogs, we were staying on a street where each neighbour had dogs, the barking is infectious. One dog starts and then it travels round the neighbourhood. It’s a never ending cycle. And surprisingly the dogs don’t get bored.

The dogs obviously have something to say, what it is, I’m not sure. I always think of animals being a reflection of humans and their personality traits. For me dogs want to be heard, they are needy and have a lot to say but they also aim to please and don’t give up easily. They don’t want to disappoint and are quite childlike.

I can’t forget about the cockerel on the street in between the barking dogs. There is always someone who has to shout louder than all. What it has to say it thinks is important, but really it isn’t, just loud. It’s loud, annoying and quite frankly no one is interested but they like the sound of their own voice.

They screech, to anyone who listens, not caring who hears or what they say. The key is they will talk to a brick wall. It’s not about who is listening but about saying what they think.

Then there are the wee small birds, these birds pop up and say hello just when the food appears or when you have finished eating and looking for scraps. They’re not really there for anything other than to be fed. Once they have had there fill they are gone, nothing interests them more than lovely home cooked food. Or in the case of my holiday birds, the lovely local sausage rolls with the flakey pastry which they wait patiently for. Delicious.

The monkeys are illusive. Not seen often in this neighbourhood apart from the early morning when it is cool. They clamber on the roofs and go from garden to garden getting whatever loot or fruit from the trees they can.

These are the people in life that you never see unless they want something. Years can go past and one day this relative or friend will turn up at your door looking for something. Whether it is money or a favour. Once they get what they came for you won’t see them again until the next time. There will be plenty promises of ‘let’s not leave it so long next time’ or ‘I’ll pay next time’. But truth is you won’t see them for dust.

Then we’ve got the whistling frogs. They come alive as the sunsets, they whistle as the name suggests until dawn. These are life’s party animals, they are up for a good time and can party the night away. They are happy singing loud and enjoying karaoke. They don’t care about anything but the fun they are having in the moment. Who cares if they have work the next day, that’s tomorrows problem.

Then those pesky mosquitoes. The hanger ongers. They don’t take the hint that no one wants them around and keep on buzzing around looking for an in. They want to be liked but are very annoying. Persistent for sure.

Cats, there are many cats where we were and sadly, so many homeless. It’s heartbreaking as I love them so much. They are all so skinny but clearly know where to get food particularly from tourists.

They represent the independent person, they only do what they want, they don’t care about what others think, they just be themselves and do as they wish. They are rude and selfish as only want to spend time with you when it is convenient for them.

We all know an independent person, they follow their heart, so as they please and enjoy life. Whether in a relationship or not they enjoy separate activities from their partner, they want to have their own time and space to do as they please.

Whilst on holiday, many animals gave me food for thought on how they act and how similar they are to people I know. I think my love of animals helps me to relate their traits with humans. It’s funny, people and animals are so alike.

The next time you meet someone new or catch up with friends, think about the animals they remind you of.

Have a great week, thank you for reading and look after you.

Love Emma xx

2 thoughts on “Animal Magic

  1. Hello Emma,
    good your holiday went well , and pleased you got home safe .what a day for you . Hope your luggage will be home soon too. !! Your cat had given you a big welcome too I’m sure . Take care love May x.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi May, my holiday was fantastic thanks. The journey home was a challenge. But so pleased to get home. Still awaiting luggage though 😱 hope you are well and staying cosy xx


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