Changed Your Mind?

Several months ago I wrote a post about being mentally checked out and in this post I wrote about not being in love with my house anymore. I was over it and wanted to move on. We decided to leave moving until after our mortgage deal had ended which just passed in April giving us a bit more freedom. But as the world has entered lockdown, very little people are moving and it’s just not feasible at the moment.

Whilst I don’t believe our home is our forever house, It certainly is our now house and we will enjoy it for the time being.

Anyway, spending so much time at home, working, relaxing and with the help of the beautiful weather and watching the birds from my dining table each day, I’ve fallen back in love with our house. Scott is the same, we both are happy being here and each weekend have taken on a project to do, whether clearing out cupboards or sorting out rooms, putting pictures up or tidying the garden. Our house is slowly becoming our home again and it’s filling with warmth and the coldness is disapating. Sitting outside in the sunshine in our garden, listening to the birds singing and soaking it all in, I realised this is where we should be. I love our garden, but dislike the way it looks, the birds that come into our garden on a daily basis, the woodpecker, the robins and the squirrels that appear trying to get the nuts. The view out of our front window, looking down on Firth of Forth in the distance, on a clear day seeing across the water and watching the clouds or rain moving across to us.

During this lockdown is there anything that you have changed your mind on? Maybe your job wasn’t fulfilling you but working from home has given you a new love for it. Having the freedom of time and not commuting. Or what about your car, all the time you were spending in it driving to and from the office and now since you aren’t driving as much, you love your car and miss being behind the wheel each day.

Maybe you moved away from your family and now realise that was your home. But you feel like you made a big deal of moving away so don’t want to ‘give in’ and move home without giving it a fair shot! Well, maybe, however, we are pretty good at distinguishing what is right for us and when things just arent making us truly happy. Coronavirus has made us all appreciate our families and friends and if moving back to be in the same vicinity as your loved ones makes your heart sing then do it…… Do what makes you happy and change your mind!

Maybe you’ve not long moved in with someone and being in the same house/flat/room as them has opened your eyes to the ‘real’ them sooner than you would have otherwise known. Now you are thinking of ways to end the relationship and figure out how to move out after lockdown! Do what’s right for you!

It could be something as simple as the room you are working in has the most awful wallpaper or paint colour that you liked before, however you feel you are being suffocated by it now!

Whose idea was it to get the fish tank with the beautiful and colourful tropical fish? Was it yours? Now the noise of the water running through the filter is driving you batty but there is no other room you can move it too. Their purpose was to relax and calm you and your family but now everyone is driven to distraction because of that noise. Yes, you could turn the pump off, but then you would need to clean it more frequently and you don’t have time for that. Answer – you wish you got that cat instead! Yes more hard work but not a constant noise battle!

I’m sure if you have children they are playing the same tv programme over and over or listening to the same song again and again, even wanting you to play the same game with them and as much as you love spending time doing things they loved before lockdown….you have changed your mind and just want time for you.

We can change our mind for a number of different reasons, for a lot of us, it can be out of frustration and pure annoyance, or you have been proved wrong or have proved yourself wrong. You are allowed to change your mind without reason and being stuck at home can really challenge some decisions we have made, whether for the good or bad. So do what makes you happy, it may take time to do this at present, but make those changes, life, particularly at the moment seems so short. Happiness has to be a huge factor, money I know can often be the main driver, but work out ways to do what you want on a budget if you have to.

Take care and stay safe, remember we are all in this together and we are here for each other. Have a lovely week, be kind and look after you!

Love Emma 😁🌼

4 thoughts on “Changed Your Mind?

  1. Hello Emma , I’m pleased to hear your happy in your home again ..keep well… May x

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    1. Thanks May! Hope your keeping well xx


  2. ‘Do what makes you happy’ is really the big headline I take from this post ❤ This lockdown really made us all think about these aspects. It was a big reflection time… xxx

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    1. Absolutely! It certainly has made me reassess things! Thank you xx


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