Create Your Space

Last week I spoke about the autumn leaves and letting go of things that don’t serve you. In a similar thread, when the leaves have all fallen and the trees look bare, have a look around. Do you notice how much space it seems to have created? You may be in a park and can feel and see the open space that has been made, where once trees separated the park into areas, it opens up into a massive surrounding. It doesn’t feel as hemmed in, or as claustrophobic as it did in the summer, although I’m pretty sure we weren’t feeling that way in the height of their bloom. But it opens up and gives the illusion of more space. Through shedding those leaves, we can see that we have a chance to do something else, create something in all the space that has been afforded to us. Nature will fill that space in time with fresh buds, but once again, nature is telling us something, space is needed for letting the old out and the new in but in between this, we have time to find the new, no rush. The new buds wont be out for 4, 5 or even 6 months so enjoy this time to find the new.

You work all day, you make dinner, the kids are going crazy and all you want to do is relax and hide away for a little peace and quiet, but you don’t have anywhere to go. What can you do? Well start off by seeing if there is any room in your house that you can create a space, just for you. Maybe you’re lucky enough to have a spare room you can use or there is a part of a room you can claim as your own. For example it could be in your bedroom there is a corner that’s unused or you have a dressing table you can sit at. Take a look at these spaces, all you really need is somewhere to sit comfortably, and feel free.

We all need our own space, which can be hard at present, given some restrictions that are happening. But having our own sanctuary or ‘Man Cave’ to go to just for ourselves can make all the difference. We can use this space to sit quietly and let go of the day, or to read, do our favourite hobby, you might like to write letters or do yoga, or write a journal. It may even be a space where you can go and watch your favourite TV shows without being disturbed. There is nothing wrong with wanting space or time alone. Whether we love our own company, or prefer to be with others most of the time. A small area to have as our own oasis can be tranquil.

Instead of an indoor space, perhaps you’re more of an outdoor person. Maybe you have a shed or greenhouse that isn’t really used much that can be transformed into a relaxing and restorative place for you. Move a few things about, get rid of the creepy cobwebs and the eeky things that lurk in the corners and voilà, you have yourself a space! Now I will say, you have to feel comfortable in your space, it should be relaxing, free from stress and not somewhere you work. if somewhere filled with creepy crawlies isn’t going to relax you but instead make you anxious about what will appear, then ditch it and find another spot.

Once you have your wee safe haven, how will you decorate your space, lots of pictures or candles, or inspirational quotes. Perhaps creating a vision board can help with what you want your space to be about and what you would like for you, plus it would be a great first project!

Use this time of year to give yourself space, before the madness of Christmas sets in. Have some ‘you time’. Set aside 5 minutes to start with to spend in your space if you are unsure of what to do. But in those 5 minutes, breathe, relax and just take a moment to enjoy the space, clear your head and just be in that moment. Sometimes when we have space, it can feel too much, too open and too free, particularly if we aren’t used to it. So start small, use the 5 minutes and think about what you love, what relaxes you, what you would do if time wasn’t an issue. Maybe all you need is a few minutes of breathing space each day, you come home from work, ditch your bag and jacket and then sit and meditate. From there, you can get the dinner cooked, deal with the noisy kids and not let it get to you.

We all need a little moment sometimes, so why not create your own space within your home to give you that zone where it’s all about you. Be like that tree, shake off those leaves, feel free and most importantly have the space you want to be more you!

Thank you for reading, take care and maybe find and create a space for you this week. Have a fab one!

Look after you! Love Emma xx 😍🌼🍁🍂

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