The A-Z of Wellbeing – H

It’s that time again for the A-Z of Wellbeing and today I will be taking a look at words beginning with H. There are always a lot of words I could use, there is an abundance of them out there relating to wellbeing. I have selected the ones below as these are ones which resonate with me.


Happy – we all want to be happy, but what happiness looks like for me is completely different to what it looks like for you. Strive for the happiness you want for yourself and not anyone else’s version. Do what makes you happy is a phrase we hear a lot and we picture ourselves making big decisions or changes for example, quitting your job to become a Personal Trainer or Primary School Teacher. If this is what makes you happy then do all you can to get there. But you don’t need to make big changes to be happy, it could be something simple like switching to you favourite herbal tea brand rather than buying it on the odd occasion or spending more time with loved ones. Being happy is personal to you. Have a think about what makes you happy and what you can do to bring it into your everyday.

Healing – this is about restoring you, it could be your physical or mental health that has caused you to require time to heal. Always ensure you take the time needed to heal. Do not try to rush it, as we so often do. We feel we have to get back to doing everything again. But take time and go slow. Our bodies and minds heal at different rates so try not to be influenced by others who have been in the same position as you. Do what it right for your body and mind.

Health – Your health is your number one asset. We don’t realise how important it is until we become ill and are perhaps limited in what we can do. Take some time to look after you and look and see if there is any positive changes you can make in your life now that will help your overall health. Ask for help if you want to give up smoking or reduce your alcohol intake if you are not sure where to begin. Your doctor can give you some advice. Talk to those you know who have made the changes and find out what they did. It might not be easy so take your time and go at your pace.

Hear – are you listening to yourself. Not just about what you are saying to others but what you are saying inwardly to yourself. Make sure you hear what you are saying. We can be very hard on ourselves compared to what we would say to a friend. Hear what you are saying and notice how it makes you feel. What changes can you make to be less critical of yourself. Do you hear what others are saying? Is your friend or partner talking and you are too busy playing on your phone to hear what they are saying. Instead, you are giving them the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ every so often but not paying attention to what they are actually saying. We all want to be heard. Take time to listen to others.

Help – If you need help, please, please ask a friend, family member, doctor or work colleague. Reach out and ask. Taking that first step to get help is not always easy. The person may not know what to do either, however they can be on the journey with you and help find the right support for you. They might come with you to the doctor and ask questions if you are not sure what to do. The person you confide in will be glad you have spoken to them as they wouldn’t want you to be alone or unsure what to do next. Remember asking for help is not a sign of weakness, in fact it shows you have courage. Please ask for help if you need it.

Hobbies – These are great for giving you time to do something you enjoy outside the hustle and bustle of everyday life. What are your hobbies? Running? Knitting? Singing? Do you do them daily or perhaps weekly. Would you like to do more of them? If you don’t have any, is there anything that you would like to do and give a go? It can be difficult to start a new hobby, particularly if you need specialised equipment or don’t know where to start. Check out social media in your local area to see if there are any groups you can join to find out more.

That’s the end of another A-Z for the time being. I hope you can relate to some of the above or they have given you food for thought. Please do take care and look after you.

Have a good week.

Love Emma xx

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