Today, 20th March 2022, is the United Nations International Day of Happiness. The theme this year is ‘Happiness for all, Ukraine’. It is a call to action, to stand with Ukraine and show them our support against the war and celebrate the bravery of all men, women and children. For more information about International Day of Happiness including the 10 Steps to Global Happiness click here.

I’ve picked 3 of the 10 Steps to Global Happiness to highlight here. None of them will be new to you as we come across them regularly and I know I write about them often.

  • Do what makes you happy

This could be anything. Perhaps you love to watch a sunrise, so set your alarm and watch it out of your window or take a walk to a spot where you can see it appear in all its shimmering, golden rays. Maybe you could do this once a week or daily if you like, giving you a happiness boost to start your day. Or why not open the window in the kitchen and breathe in the fresh air as you enjoy your morning cuppa. Or maybe you just want to dance, so stick on your favourite music and dance around your room. Maybe baking is your thing or playing the guitar. Reading, running, walking, hugging, cooking, meditating, watch your favourite tv show, this list could go on for day.

Try and fit something into your day that makes you happy. It doesn’t have to be huge or cost lots of money or any money, just something to get you smiling both inside and out. You could spend 2 minutes on it or 2 hours. Have a think and carve some time out each day to do the things you love.

  • Give and spread happiness to others

Donate to a cause which helps those in need, there are a number of charity organisations which are helping in the Ukraine right now both on the ground and in the countries helping the refugees. Give to a local charity, it doesn’t have to be money, it could be food for a local food bank or clothes for refugees. Give your time and help out at a local charity shop or donation centre. Think about how small actions could mean the world of difference to someone in need.

You can also do things like bake some cakes for work and watch as your colleagues tuck in, spread a little joy this way. Or pay for someone’s coffee/tea the next time you are in line for one at your favourite coffee shop. When donating your books to a charity shop, pop a note or happiness quote in a few, brighten someones day when they randomly come across it. Send a card to a friend and say hello and tell them how much they mean to you.

  • Enjoy nature

Research has shown that spending time in nature helps with wellbeing and increases your happiness.

Go outside first thing in the morning, go for a walk and start the day breathing in the fresh air. You might choose to go to the beach or be near a river and sit and enjoy the environment. Do you like to feel nature, find a local forest walk and touch the trees and notice how they differ. Look at the leaves and the different shapes, really notice. Take a look around, what else do you see? Is there any wildlife such as birds, deer, squirrels or hedgehogs?

Maybe you like to cycle, are there cycle paths or trails where you can go and enjoy the outdoors? Do you like to swim in the local river or loch or sea? The water I imagine would be cold but refreshing and make you feel good afterwards.

There is so much out there for you to enjoy, have a look around your local area and find places to go outdoors. There are so many parks which have lochs or lakes and space for you to enjoy the outdoors. Why not go to the parks and play outdoors with your children or friends.

What does happiness mean for you? What makes you happy? Spending time with your family? Going on an adventure? Going for a walk with your dog? Helping others? Perhaps it’s doing a job you love. Happiness means many different things to us all. By doing our bit to help spread happiness around the world and locally can make a huge difference to the lives of others.

There is no one size fits all for happiness. When going into this week think about your happiness goals and what you want to do over the next week or year and then go get them.

Have a great week, take care and look after you.

Love Emma xx

PS. Thank you to Vanessa, The Wellbeing Blogger for her Wellbeing Social Media Calendar which reminded me of the day! Take a look on her website for lots of wellbeing ideas and information.

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