The A-Z of Wellbeing – N

That time has rolled around again for the A-Z of Wellbeing. This month we are looking at the letter N. Let’s take a look and see what’s out there:


Nature – Where do I begin, nature is beneficial to us all. Whether being outside for a quick morning cuppa, breathing in the fresh morning air or going for a 2 hour walk in the woods, along the coast, up the hills, being surrounded by trees, plants, sand, water, birds, butterflies, bees, weather and all the other nature you can think of. It’s great for our health. It helps to lower our stress and anxiety levels.

Think about what you can do to bring nature into your day. Go for a quick morning walk, have a picnic outside at lunchtime, sit outside and read a book, find a spot to sit and listen to the birds singing or the wind in the trees. We are all part of nature. So what are you waiting for. Grab your jacket and get out there and reconnect with the natural world.

Night – Are you someone who watches tv into the night or do you prefer to switch off, have a bath or read your book until you fall asleep. We’ve all watched something high octane before bed and then struggled to switch off our racing minds and go to sleep or have eaten late at night and with a heavy stomach we lay there waiting for slumber to hit.

It is important to have a routine at night, like you do in the morning. Start by brushing your teeth, putting your pj’s on, listen to some relaxing music or nature sounds as you get ready and then perhaps read or meditate once you get into bed. We each have our own routine, but is there anything you can do to make yours calmer and help relax you before you switch off the light?

Need – What do you need right now? What would make you feel good? We often in fact, put the needs of others before ourselves. This isn’t a bad thing at all. However, from time to time, put yourself first and don’t feel guilty for it. So think about your needs. What would make you feel good now? It might be you want an hour to do your own thing, away from your family like put your headphones on and dance away to your favourite tunes. Do it. For others it could be doing a 20 minute yoga session or sitting on a comfy chair, with a blanket wrapped round, reading their favourite book. Perhaps your body needs a glass of cool water after a run or walk. Listen to what you need and your body needs to make you feel good.

Negative – We can all have a negative mindset from time to time. It’s who we are and I think it would be impossible to never be negative. But just keep an eye on how often you are being hard on yourself or berate yourself for not doing something quite right. Remember we all make mistake and you would forgive a friend so be kind to yourself. Negativity breeds negativity, so stop yourself when you notice you are doing it and try to replace it with kinder positive words. Instead of ‘I ruined dinner again, I’m a terrible cook’ Say ‘I tried my best to cook, but I will keep trying’.

Nervous – Hands up who gets nervous? I do I do. From time to time certain things, like exams, presentations, interviews can all make us nervous, anxious, feel sick and generally want to run. Or maybe that’s just me. But remember whenever you get nervous, it is just your body and mind reacting to a perceived threat so be kind to yourself.

If you feel your nervousness or anxiety is becoming a problem for you then please reach out and speak to someone. A friend, a parent, a relative or a professional therapist. Please do seek help and guidance. It really does help and never think of yourself as a burden. Most people are happy to help and if they can’t then they will likely be able to help you find the right person to talk to.

Notice – How often do you stop and listen to your surroundings, or look at them and really pay attention? We go from A-B-Z without paying attention to what is going on around us. We spend so much time looking at our phones that we forget to live in the moment and notice what is in front of us. Next time you are out for a walk, look around and take notice at the here and now. What can you see, hear, smell, taste, touch?

When you are out for a meal, put the phone down and be in the moment, and truly listen to what the other person is saying. There is nothing worse than trying to have a conversation and the other person is too busy paying attention to what others are doing in their life on social media, rather than speaking to the person right in front of them who has made the effort to be there. Notice the here and now as all too soon, the present becomes the past and time disappears.

Thanks for reading and I hope it has been of some use. Have a great day and week.

Look after you!

Love Emma xx

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