90 Days of Calm

Today is the 25th September. This means there are only 3 months until Christmas. But that is not why I am writing this. I wanted to highlight that we have just over 90 days left until the end of the year.

As many, many people I have spoken to have said, this year, by far has been the quickest ever. I’m not sure why this is or if time is just going faster (although I doubt it). I do think it’s largely to do with coming out of the lockdown nightmare and having been thrown back to a relatively normal existence. We have had to make up for the last few years, so have been catching up and travelling every moment we have spare.

I know I have never been as busy, but since May/June at least 3 out of 4 weekends are full of activities/visitors or visiting and generally non stop. This is what speeds up the year as one week merges into the next and before we know it. BOOM! We are coming to the end of September.

With the last 3 months ahead, lets think about a strategy we can deploy to help us in the run up to the busiest time of the year. We get stressed out and feel the need to do so much and with all the parties and visiting and present buying, we should look at what we can do to help ourselves and take time out of our day to do so. Here are some ideas:

  1. October – Well and truly in autumn, why not use this month to seek out nature. Watch as the leaves change colour from green to red to orange and yellow then brown. Try and get a daily walk and notice the change of the season as you do so. If you walk through the woods. What daily changes do you see? What about the sun in the sky? Have you noticed it’s position becoming lower? Try and go outside for 15-20 minutes daily. It will help you to feel good, clear your head and allow you to notice nature. Go and enjoy.
  2. November – As the daylight has now decreased and the cold weather has set in, why not use this month to seek calmness from being cosy. Grab a blanket and a book and read, or what about a hot chocolate and your favourite movie. Carve out some time for you to just be warm and feel content each day. It really doesn’t take much. Whether you are on your sofa after work or decide to go to bed early and wrap your duvet round you to read your favourite magazine, make time to be cosy and relaxed each day.
  3. December – Don’t make December a month of non stop shopping, stressing, eating and feeling you have to do everything yourself instead help yourself to deal with the stresses and strains of the festive season by creating an advent calendar of calm. Don’t worry you don’t have to construct anything with drawers or windows. Instead write down one thing to do each day in the run up to Christmas that soothes you and helps to take away the stress. Here are some ideas for you: Take 10 slow deep breaths, use a lavender spray on your pillow to help you sleep, catch up with a friend, spend time with your pets, go to the beach and watch the waves crash, birdwatch, star gaze, the list goes on. If something you do slows down your heart rate and makes you feel relaxed then do it. Employ these strategies and they will help you to deal with any stress in the lead up to Christmas.

Is there anything else you feel would be great to do over the coming few months? What will help you feel relaxed and calm? We spend so much time on other people during period, which is great, but we forget about looking after ourselves. So create some space for you each day over the next 90 days and find your own sense of calm.

When you are thinking of things, don’t try to over complicate it as it has to be doable. The simplest solutions are usually the best and likely the easiest for you to fit into your day. If you aren’t sure, then why not focus on October to start with and see where it takes you.

Have a great week, thank you for reading.

Look after you. Love Emma xx

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