Life on the Yellow Brick Road

You know the story, girl’s dog gets taken by evil neighbour, dog escapes, girl runs away, gets caught up in a tornado, house lands on and kills wicked witch and then she begins a magical journey of self discovery and friendship along a long and winding yellow brick road trying to avoid the wicked witches sister before going home! Phew!

So, what can The Wizard of Oz teach us about life? Here are some thoughts:

  1. Running away from your problems doesn’t solve them, they create other issues, like getting caught in a storm.
  2. When you suddenly find yourself in a strange land or more likely you have moved to a new village, town or city, don’t be afraid to go out and explore and meet the locals.
  3. When you are out exploring, or in life in general, be open to the people you meet, they might not come in they way you expect but they may turn out to be the best friends you ever had. It could be they look out for you, they comfort you when you are sad or they are happy to have an adventure with you.
  4. Your pet is an important member of your family. They will follow you wherever you go, OK so a dog will, cats, not so much. But they are often there in times of need to give you some snuggles and calm you.
  5. Sometimes you will come to a cross roads in your journey/life and have to choose an option. Follow your gut but remember you can ask your friends for advice as well.
  6. You don’t have to go through life alone. Friends may come and go but sometimes you find some truly special ones that can have a huge impact on your life and they will always be there for you, through the fun crazy times, or the sad times, you may even have to fight a wicked witch but your friends won’t let you do it alone.
  7. Everyone needs a Scarecrow in their life.
  8. There may be people who have a hard outer tin shell, but deep down they do have a heart.
  9. Bullies may be fierce but they are scared cowards.
  10. A good sing song can help you on your onward journey.
  11. Good witches are there to guide us when we falter and need some life guidance.
  12. Not everyone you meet are as they seem. They could be putting on grandeur to fool you. Take heed and always look behind the curtain or their exterior.
  13. Ruby shoes look fabulous!
  14. Don’t trust monkeys, in particular flying ones!
  15. Pamper yourself occasionally, get your hair and nails done.
  16. Apples are nutritious, but don’t pick them from strange trees.
  17. You are in charge of your own destiny, don’t always think of complicated solutions, sometimes the answer to your problems is simple.
  18. If you have to ask someone scary for help, stand tall and be confident.
  19. Wicked people can come into your life when you least expect it, don’t let them sway you from your dreams or journey.
  20. Don’t do someone else’s dirty work.
  21. Fire and Scarecrows do not go!
  22. Nor does rain and Tin Men!
  23. Wizards are not always magical, sometimes they are just ordinary people trying to make a living.
  24. Celebrate the good times like when you have succeeded in your goal.
  25. Don’t forget your loved ones and keep them in your heart, they are your home.
  26. Rainbows are beautiful, look up and enjoy them, somewhere over one is a magical journey waiting for you.
  27. Live life like you are on the yellow brick road, make friends, enjoy adventures, do what makes you happy, avoid bad people, in particular those trying to steal your shoes.

As you can see, many life lessons are taught in The Wizard of Oz. There are of course many more. I truly love this movie, it is my all time favourite. Any time I think of a journey or adventure or have decisions to make, this movie will pop into my head and I channel my inner Dorothy. She wasn’t afraid of the unknown, she didn’t know what to expect but took everything in her stride, she met some awesome people on the way and her trusty dog was beside her throughout. The negative people she came into contact with, may have caused her some issues and tried to stop her achieving her goal, but she kept her focus on it and got there in the end.

She did all this wearing a pair of beautiful glittery ruby shoes! So what are you waiting for…go on your adventure, enjoy the journey, meet some great people, have a pet and wear a fab pair of shoes!

I am 😄 feeling very happy and relaxed!

Have a lovely week and take care. Thank you for your lovely comments and follows.

Look after you! Remember ‘There is no place like home’.

Love Emma


12 thoughts on “Life on the Yellow Brick Road

  1. Have a good weekend and I hope you are looking after you too. May your weekend be a relaxing one.

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    1. Thank you so much, have a lovely rest of your weekend too! Take care xx

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      1. Thank you. X


  2. This is such a cute and inspiring post at the same time, I loved it. Lots of precious lessons. It’s a shame I haven’t seen the movie or read the story. I feel a bit “oh-oh” haha. I might try to watch it tonight. I’m wanting a pair of glittery red shoes too now. 🙂 xx


    1. Aww you should definitely watch it! Just beautiful! I know we all need a pair of glittery shoes 👠 in our life! Xx

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      1. I followed your advice and finished watching it yesterday night ❤️ Wish there were more movies like this one nowadays Xx 🙂

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      2. Awww brilliant! So pleased you enjoyed it! It’s a pretty awesome movie 🌈 now you can spread the joy of it ❤️ xxx

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  3. That’s an amazing and insightful read about a wonderful film. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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